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5 Amazing Facts About Women You Probably Didn’t Know.

Girls have more taste buds than boys, which is why they are often more picky about what they eat.

When compared to boys, girls have an increased number of taste buds; this may explain why females are more selective eaters. Because of their heightened awareness of flavor, this may also be a contributing factor to women’s traditionally higher status in the kitchen.

Women’s hearts beat faster than men’s.

Women often have a higher resting heart rate than males. For reproductive processes like bearing a baby, a woman’s body needs more oxygen than a man’s. So now you know the scientific explanation for why your girlfriend’s heart beats faster than yours.

Women have a higher pain threshold than men due to their ability to handle pain during childbirth.

Pain tolerance in women is higher than in males because of their evolutionary adaptation to endure the intense discomfort of giving birth. Women seem to be more resilient than males when it comes to handling stress and anxiety, but both kinds of suffering are real.

Women cry on average 5.3 times a month, whereas men cry 1.4 times a month.

In comparison to males, who cry an average of 1.4 times a month, women shed tears an average of 5.3 times each month. One reason for this is because women are more inclined to cry when they’re upset than males.

Girls are better at multitasking due to having more connections between the two sides of the brain.

When compared to boys, girls are superior multitaskers because they have more synapses (connections) between the left and right sides of their brains. Women may now multitask with more ease, whether it is making supper while on the phone or any number of other activities.

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