5 Amazing Facts About Men You Probably Didn’t Know.

Men have a higher pain tolerance than Women.

How painful things are for Men is different from how it is for Women. This is because testosterone, which helps relieve pain, is more prevalent in males than in women. Risky conduct is more common among men, which can result in injuries but can also help them develop a tolerance for pain.

Men have more muscle mass than women, which is why they are generally stronger.

When compared to women, men tend to be stronger since they have a greater muscular mass. The male hormone testosterone plays a key role in this process by promoting the development of strong muscles and bones.

Men have a shorter lifespan than women, possibly due to taking more risks and having more dangerous jobs.

Males tend to die at an earlier age than women, maybe because they are more likely to engage in high-risk behaviors and work in hazardous environments. Males also have a higher propensity to participate in risky habits like smoking and excessive drinking, both of which can shorten their longevity.

Men are more likely to be colorblind than Women.

Males are more likely to be colorblind than girls. Reason being: the color vision genes are positioned on the X chromosome. Because boys only have one X chromosome, if they inherit a defective copy of the gene for color vision, they will be colorblind. Females have a lower risk of becoming colorblind than boys since they have two X chromosomes and the healthy X chromosome can “fix” the defective one.

The average man’s beard grows 5.5 inches per year.

The typical male beard expands by 5.5 inches annually. The male hormone testosterone is responsible for this, as it promotes hair development. A man’s beard will grow on average approximately half an inch every month, however this number might vary widely based on genetics, age, and other variables. If you want a beard, the best advice is to let it grow naturally.

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