Excuses Your Mind will tell you.

10 Stupid Excuses Your Mind Will Tell You.

We tend to make excuses when we don’t want to admit that we are wrong or when we don’t want to accept the fact that there is a problem. But, our excuses only serve as an illusion and they can actually hurt our progress.

The first step in breaking and to stop making excuses excuses is by recognizing it for what it is – an illusion.

We often make excuses because of fear of failure and rejection, but these fears only serve as an illusion and they can actually hurt our progress.

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Our minds can be both our best friend and worst enemy. It is a machine that comes up with reasons why we shouldn’t do things that we know are good for us. And this keeps us from making many good changes in our lives.

So let’s get familiar with 11 of the most damaging excuses the cowardly mind comes up with once and for all and learn how to overcome them

1. I can’t do it.

It’s intimidating at first, and you worry that you won’t be able to maintain the positive shift you’re making. You are not confident enough in yourself to proceed. It’s a popular justification, but it may be countered by considering the methods used by individuals who aren’t brighter than you.

Just before I began training for my first marathon, my 60-year-old next-door neighbor ran one, and I said to myself, “If she can do it, so can I!” Furthermore, I was correct. Really, no one else can say “I can’t” except you. Ignore such thoughts if they keep popping up in your head. Consider that both your doubts and your faith need you to trust in something unseen. You need just decide which one you find most convincing.

2. I don’t have enough time.

This statement betrays a lack of enthusiasm, commitment, self-control, or purpose on your part. It’s also an indication that you’re not prioritising well or using your time wisely.

But, if you don’t value your time or don’t want to put in the effort to achieve your goals, this explanation may be a red flag. Indeed, this justification most often stems from procrastination and laziness.

To evaluate this justification, consider asking yourself.

How desperately do I need this?

One potential cause for concern is a lack of desire.

3.There isn’t enough money.

You’re sending a message that you don’t value financial stability if you use this excuse. It’s also possible that you’re seeking for a quick buck because you lack the motivation, discipline, and endurance to build real wealth. This is another way of expressing the concept that you lack a strategy or set of ideas to assist you achieve your monetary objectives.

If you feel like you’re lacking in the thought and planning departments, stock up on books on personal finance. Another option is to work with a mentor or financial coach who can teach you the ropes and give you the push you need to reach your financial goals.

4. They are better than me.

According to The Economist, new research will be published this year showing a negative correlation between Facebook use and life satisfaction. Why? To put it simply, since it acts like a personal digital billboard, filling you in on all the exciting events in the lives of your pals. Feeling inferior and that everyone else is better than you causes you to look down on yourself. It occurs when one focuses solely on the positive aspects of other people’s life, to the exclusion of the negative ones. You put yourself down, telling yourself that the other person is superior to you. If it happens, you give up.

Never assume that what you see on social media is someone’s complete, unfiltered existence. In the same way that you don’t get an inside look into anyone else’s life, they aren’t offering you one either. It may be joyful, sorrowful, challenging, perplexing, or gratifying. If you only knew. And yet, why would you let it be your compass?

Don’t second-guess yourself based on the opinions of others. Most importantly, you should never use someone else’s success a justification for your own. You may achieve both your own and others’ goals by concentrating on your own.

5. I am too Busy.

Making a list of things to accomplish can be really motivating for a lot of individuals, including myself. You sit down at the kitchen counter first thing in the morning and compose a list of all the things you want to do that day using bullet points. If your list is longer, you will be able to do more. If you’re lucky and it just goes on two pages, you still might want to share it with your Facebook friends.

A list of tasks like this is not very motivating. Rather than feeling driven, we wind up feeling bad after staring at the list all day (or in my case, until I lose it). To wit: “I’m so busy, I need to quit saying yes so much,” etc. It’s not that you’re too busy to talk right now. The problem is that you have more items on your to-do list than arms length. We can claim “busy” as an acceptable reason for not responding.

Don’t waste time sitting down to write a to-do list by include items that you can’t really do in a single day. Just be honest with yourself. Ten additional pages of that book would be fantastic, but is that realistic today? Alternatively, will you be able to plan your day such that you are conveniently located near the post office, where you need to go? Don’t just write things down so you have anything on paper.

6. I’m either too old or too young…

This kind of statement betrays a lack of knowledge, self-assurance, and sound judgement.

A wide range of ages has seen men and women accomplish extraordinary feats. It follows that age is irrelevant when it comes to accomplishing one’s aims.

Sometimes, it could be a little more challenging. You’ll need to be resourceful and persistent when things go tough. Perhaps you need to work harder and think more creatively. That will work out to your benefit.

But, your advanced years may really benefit you. Whether or not you are successful relies on your perspective and your ability to adjust.

Make it a priority to reflect on your shortcomings and adjust your approach accordingly. Your entire sense of possibility will shift as a result of this. Careful preparation may drastically reduce the length of any given to-do list. This, though, should not be too challenging. Feeling accomplished at the end of the day may do wonders for your mood. Try it.

7. I’ll never make it

This is the best example of thinking in a bad way. When you think negatively, you become closed off, doubtful, and afraid. You can find speeches that will get you going on YouTube. You can find lectures on positive thinking on various podcasts. Surround yourself with winners who make you believe in yourself and give you confidence. Build your life around your values, and find people who will help you keep going.

8. I haven’t learned enough.

When did having “enough” education become a sign of success? Jennifer Lawrence didn’t even go all the way through middle school. Bill Gates didn’t finish college. Are these rare stories? Yes, but not impossible. In many cases, going to high school or college is the right choice. But there are other ways to go.

Learning on your own time is easier than ever before, and many resources are available at no cost. As much as you can, keep learning. If you commit to lifelong learning, whether via formal education or professional experience, you will be successful no matter what path you choose.

9. I worry about what people will think of me.

Never give up if your gut tells you you’re heading in the correct direction.. The opinions of others are not something you should constantly fret over. For this very reason, I believe, many are unable to pursue their ideal lifestyles. Follow your passions, enjoy the benefits of your independence, and act with complete assurance in yourself.

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

10. Now it’s too late.

As much as we try to resist it, change is inevitable; nonetheless, personal development is a deliberate act. Do nothing, or develop yourself farther. What you become is entirely a product of your daily decisions and actions. Feelings are also malleable, so even if circumstances remain unchanged, your perspective might shift. To succeed, you need just resolve to give it your all. There can be no more justifications. There are no regrets. Nothing is hopeless until your worn heart gives out. Congratulations, if you’re still here and reading this! You may still change your life now.

Each time in life is a good time to make a change. Now is the time to choose differently and bring about change. As soon as you read this, you will be living in the future. Get a firm grip on it and keep moving forward. If you are at a crossroads and must decide whether to sit back and do nothing or to take action to overcome an obstacle, take the latter course of action.

Think hard, put in the effort, and go up the ladder if you must. Move forward with your life.

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