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Build Laser Sharp Focus in 9 Easy Steps.

Humans have never had such a limited attention span. New research suggests that the typical individual can focus for 8 seconds. Over time, the number has decreased as a result of increased use of social media.

Conceding to distractions is becoming more difficult in today’s always-online society. For many people, entertainment options are just a mouse click away and interrupt work sometimes resulting in productivity loss.

Even if you’re alone yourself, it’s easy to be sidetracked by social media or the news.

Laser sharp focus

Focusing your whole mental capacity on a single external stimulus is essential for learning new material, achieving one’s life goals, and performing well in a variety of contexts.

Focus is crucial whether you’re attempting to complete a business report or running a marathon.

You may improve your concentration by doing a number of different activities. Here, though, are nine tried-and-tested strategies for sharpening your attention.

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Disable All Notifications.

You may be able to regain focus by turning off notifications from apps like email and instant messaging. To urge you to take a second glance at your phone is the purpose of all alerts and notifications and the only function of push notifications is to increase app use and, by extension, developer income.

By agreeing to receive alerts, you grant third parties the right to interrupt you at any time they see appropriate (including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram).

Please don’t blame your smartphone for this problem. The major offender is the annoying buzzing and blaring noises that never stop. When you need to give something your whole attention, turn off notifications and put your phone on silent mode.

Focus on One Task at a Time.

The ability to switch between tasks fast and efficiently may appear like a great advantage of multitasking. However, It is a myth that we can do many tasks at once because by design the human mind is not good at multitasking. In fact, Multitasking is expected to cause a 40% decrease in productivity.

Although it may seem that we are juggling many tasks at once, in reality we are only transferring our attention back and forth between several different things at once.

Each of us begins our days with a reading of the morning news. We’ve been browsing Facebook on our phones while we walk. We are having our lunch while we are on a phone call. Does this all sound very common?

We are unable to focus on anything for more than a few minutes at a time. However, if we are able to forego multitasking and instead develop habits that help us be present for the task at hand, we may rediscover our ability to focus.

Learn the Subtle Art of Saying ‘No’

Let’s face it: No one enjoys having to reject someone However, the deal is this: everytime we say “yes” to one thing, we must inevitably say “no” to something else.

In an effort to gain the approval and respect of our peers, we have a hard time saying “no” when asked to take on additional tasks at home or at the office. However, respectfully declining might be the best course of action if there are currently too many requests and not enough resources to satisfy them.

Do your best not to take it personally; delegating means someone else will be able to give the job their full attention. There are a variety of assertive methods to confidently and reasonably decline an offer.

Weigh how much time you can commit and give in if necessary.

Maintain a Good Posture.

Get your back straight and your shoulders back. In one form or another, we have all heard this piece of advice. The way you stand determines how you feel and what you do mentally.

When you’re feeling down or unmotivated, you slouch. As well as the inverse is true. When you slouch, you immediately feel sad and unmotivated.

On the other hand, standing tall indicates that you are alert and prepared to take on any kind of challenge. When we reflect back on good times or dwell on pleasant thoughts, we are more likely to recall such times.

Slouching sends forth bad energy and makes you feel unmotivated. A droopy, listless stance is a sure sign of exhaustion and may even be the beginning of worry.

Keep Moving.

You shouldn’t work out or exercise if you want to maintain your current level of laziness and lack of physical fitness. Unfortunately, the approach will prevent you from concentrating effectively.
Exercise improves concentration in several ways. Firstly, short bouts of moderate physical activity can immediately enhance concentration following exercise. Secondly, regular aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, for at least 150 minutes per week can improve focus and attention. Thirdly, exercise can help make memories stickier, which can enhance recall and focus.

Exercise can also support brain health by reducing inflammation, improving blood flow and oxygen delivery, and promoting the growth of new brain cells. To maximize the concentration-boosting benefits of exercise, it is recommended to aim for regular moderate-intensity physical activity, such as brisk walking, for at least 150 minutes per week

Be Productive Not Busy.

Measure your success not in terms of time spent but rather of what you’ve accomplished. Instead of imposing rigid work hours, focus on making progress towards your objectives.

Having a goal-oriented perspective can help you zero in on the actions that get you closer to that goal. Having a goal-oriented attitude necessitates attention to three main areas: organising one’s work, finishing tasks, and keeping one’s enthusiasm up.

Because you’re more driven to achieve your goals, you’ll get more done in less time and work harder overall. When you have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish, you are more likely to give your whole concentration to the work at hand.

Develop a Habit of Reading.

Making reading a habit might improve your ability to concentrate in numerous settings. This beats marathon episodes of my favourite shows any day. Start a book, whether it’s fiction or a how-to manual. Reading improves your focus, attention, and concentration and even helps you make new neural connections in your brain.

It is possible to lose oneself in a story or topic when reading a book. You can give your whole attention to the task at hand, with no other concerns distracting your thoughts.

When we read novels with solid narrative frameworks, we have a better capacity for seeing the interconnectedness of events.

The level of focus you achieve will astound you. For maximum relaxation, nothing beats curling up with a good book.


Increased focus is only one of the many benefits of meditation. If you’re having trouble focusing during meditation, counting your breaths can provide a dynamic job and increase mindfulness .

Second, meditation improves concentration and awareness, which in turn aids memory retrieval and long-term retention .

Third, meditating for a few minutes at intervals during the day will help you refocus and feel refreshed . Studies have shown that meditation can help people deal with stress by calming the amygdala, the brain’s stress-response region . When one regularly engages in meditation, they are able to hone their attention and awareness, so improving their focus and clarity of thought.


Focusing intently isn’t a special talent that only a select few possess.

Improving one’s ability to concentrate is a skill that can be learned by everyone. The key is to train your mind to be a highly effective tool for work and problem solving. You’ll quickly begin to feel and see the difference after you learn how to condition your body and mind for enhanced mental performance and create a daily routine that promotes achievement.

Following the above tips can help you conquer procrastination, avoid distractions, and develop laser sharp focus.  Now, Go Embrace your newfound Super Power.

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